Sandblasting – glass embroidery project

As we are still in lockdown I’ve had a sandblasting cabinet installed in the garage so that I can carry on with my glass embroidery circles.

I’ve been busy adding resists to my glass. I’ve used a combination of fablon which I’ve cut to block out sections of the glass as well as a wood glue and water mix.

The glass I’ve used is flash. This means that the body of the glass is one colour and there is a thin layer of a different colour on the top. Mine are both clear bodied with a thin layer of pink and blue.

When I sandblast them the top layer of coloured glass will be etched off leaving the clear glass beneath showing but where the resist has been applied the coloured top layer of glass will remain.

Below are images of what the glass looks like once the glass has been cleaned and the resists washed off.


ENO Site Visit

In August I visited to London, along with Valerie Seager, Dan Goode and Anne Boddington from the Richard Seager awards team. We visited the London

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