Painting with Glass Enamels – glass embroidery project

My glass circles have been cut, etched and polished so far. The next stage of my process is to paint them. I start with a layer of glass paint to add shadow and depth which is fired before starting with the enamels.

The enamels I use are Degussa. I bought a sample set from Pearson’s Glass and used them for test firings before selecting the colours I liked best and ordering full sized versions.

I like to apply the enamels the same way I paint my watercolours. I make a very wet mix and let them flow across the glass. I can them pull certain sections back or start to control them by matting or stippling with a badger brush. It takes a lot of painting and then wiping everything off and trying again before I have everything where I want it and things blended properly.

Below are some of the circles after they’ve been fired and cleaned. Necpxt I want to make my own glass embellishments and bind them into the circles to add texture.


ENO Site Visit

In August I visited to London, along with Valerie Seager, Dan Goode and Anne Boddington from the Richard Seager awards team. We visited the London

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