Working with the ENO Baylis Youth Programme

Over the past couple of months I have been working alongside the ENO Baylis Youth Company to share my design process during this glass commission. They’ve also shared with me what the ENO means to them and they’ve given me a lot of valuable, first hand information that has helped in the development of the final design for this commission.

More information about the Youth Programme here.

During one of our creative zoom sessions we had a ‘mark making to music’ activity. We played some short snippets of music from Opera’s significant to the ENO and drew any shapes, patterns, symbols and marks that we thought interpreted the music into a visual design. We overplayed colours to represent different instruments or voices that we could hear.

Below are some examples of everyone’s work from the session.

I found the variety of marks, patterns and drawing styles so inspiring and will be using these initial mark making drawings over the next couple of weeks to develop a final design for the final glass piece.


ENO Site Visit

In August I visited to London, along with Valerie Seager, Dan Goode and Anne Boddington from the Richard Seager awards team. We visited the London

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