award winning, multi-discipline Contemporary glass artist

I’m a Welsh Contemporary Glass artist, originally coming from a background in textiles. I studied glass at Swansea College of Art, UWTSD, learning skills in traditional and contemporary glass. Following graduation, I worked in a conservation studio, gaining knowledge of  the real-life practicalities of architectural glass before leaving to pursue my contemporary work.

Influenced by the Welsh landscape. My ideas are born from the beach or woods, collecting unusual textures – dried tendrils of seaweed or crunchy mosses, with the aim of capturing that introspective experience and translating the intangible into the physical. I methodically work in layers, focusing on colour harmonies and textures, creating a sensory, tactile experience during the making process and for the viewer. I’m interested in the materiality of glass and the challenge in manipulating it, as well as the interplay between light and colour. 

There is an ethereal, meditative experience that happens whilst sitting in the light of a piece of coloured glass. I want to create works that form atmospheric inner worlds whilst also expelling an experience into the wider environment of a space. Translating how I work with textiles and collage into glass through multiple techniques, extensively exploring the material and how it behaves and reacts.