award winning, multi-discipline Contemporary glass artist

As a Welsh glass artist coming from a background in traditional stained glass, I’m currently exploring the contemporary technique of lost wax casting whilst studying my Masters degree in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. By merging skills garnered from studying traditional glass painting, conservation, and restoration with newfound expertise in glass casting, I’m aiming to bridge the gap between my traditional and contemporary glass. By creating intricate, 3D glass pieces and combining them with stained glass, I hope to add depth and dimension to my flat glass compositions.

My interdisciplinary background heavily influences my creative process. Often starting with textiles, embroidery, watercolour painting or paper collage to create multiple layers of pattern before translating them into glass. My current work focuses on the historical significance of Welsh women’s roles in the domestic and professional spheres and recognising their unsung labour and artistry. Researching traditional Welsh Quilts, I have pulled motifs and patterns from original designs to reinterpret in my own work, focusing on minor imperfections to highlight and celebrate the handmade. Through experimentation with paper collaging, I’m refining the interplay of layers within the 3D glass elements, further pushing the boundaries of my craft, infusing vibrancy and celebration into the work through colour and pattern.